A Gift

I remember working with a group of teenage girls and wanting to give them a Christmas gift. I decided to write them a poem. Here it is:
A Place of Rest
by Lightlyifly

When I met the goddess, Rest, she promised me years of peaceful slumber.
I slumbered, seeking peace through Rest.
I had neither the energy nor desire to harvest the fruit of Pleasure.
The goddess of Pleasure let me lie undisturbed.
I grew indifferent to everything and everyone.
The god, Time, lay down beside me, and we rested.

“It’s time to wake up,”whispered a voice.
Pleasure woke me from my peaceful slumber.
Her voice was familiar, clear and strong.
Together we visited lovely places with irresistible fruit Sweet Pleasure was never alone.
Her constant companion, Pain, brought me to Happiness.

Happiness was within me like my very breath.
I felt fulfilled, complete and at ease.
Then I noticed that her shadow was full of Sorrow.
I wondered how to seize Happiness without Sorrow.
Alas, I could not tear the two apart. I began to pray for guidance.
My yearning revealed the silent goddess, Joy.
Joy was everywhere.
She did not ask me to follow her but the strong power of her love
drew me closer to a place of rest within my own soul.

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