Inner Guidance

Have you ever had the experience of sitting to meditate and engaging in a conversation with a “inner” voice? I was wondering what is the best way for me to help one if the teenage boys who was struggling with self-doubt and anger.

(The italics is what I was “listening” to and the regular type is what I was thinking.)

Do you know me? I am inside you and I care about you deeply. I have been here trying to talk to you all your life. Trying to remind you of why you came here and to guide you.

I will ask those you think I need in this journey to lift the shadow. Yes, lord you are saying it is better to turn on the light. How lord do you want us to turn it on?

Become the light and the channel of that light.
That scares me.
You are only scared because you have lived in the shadow for so long. Come out now.
Others might judge me.
Only to the degree that you still judge yourself and others. Learn to love more perfectly.
I am concerned about these children. What if I mess up?
They are not you children they are mine. I have put them in your care and I know what they need. You can and will give them what they need.
Guide me.
I am always with you and will guide you when you remember me.
Who are you ?
I am the creator. I love you because I am the source of all love.
You are so big. When I feel you I have no questions. As I get smaller I begin to think of what I am those things I am involved in. What can I tell these children?

Tell them:

“You are loved without condition. You just need to love back until you can love perfectly. Your life has a purpose which will be revealed to you if you can listen.

Use your mind with respect because it is a gift. Sharpen your tool of discrimination so that you don’t use your mind to injure others or yourself. The pain you sometimes feel is not to hurt you it is to show you that this world will never completely fulfill you. You came from a place of perfect harmony and love. Within you is the power to create universes. I am that power and I will l guide you. If you use the power for evil it will hurt your soul that is why I am disciplining you before letting you use it. You must be able to control yourself. You must be able to discriminate.

You are more intelligent than you think because I am within you and I am the source of all knowledge. Never question that. Learn to listen to me. I love you and it is okay to nurture that love. Come to me every day in silence. Look for that silence and water it when you can. In that silence I will share my secrets with you. I have been waiting for you and will wait for you to ask for my help in any area of your life. I am ever with you. You have had glimpses of me through the loving eyes of others. I am in everything. I shine through the beautiful mountains, flowers, and animals. I am what you hear in the wind or the ocean.  I could never leave you because I am your very breath. Without me you do not exist. Although there may come a time when you have forgotten me, I will not have forgotten you. I will wait for you. The lessons you have in this life are to teach you to love more perfectly. You must learn them in order to do your work more perfectly. You and I have work to do and lessons to learn together and we have eternity to learn them. Learn them well. Let the lessons come from within so you will never forget them. Life after life we seem to spend time relearning the same lessons. Let the knowledge of old lessons bubble up from inside.

As a teacher all you can give is love. When fear comes in let go of the situation until you feel love.”

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