Finding Inspiration

I want to take some time to share some of the inspiration I found from books or movies etc. I realize that I was inspired by different things during different stages of my teaching career. At first it was the tenaciousness of Anne Sullivan when she worked with Helen Keller. And the dedication of teachers who were not afraid of pushing their students to bring out the students potential. All the teachers did something that is surprisingly novel–they followed some inner guidance. They found their inspiration outside the current teaching philosophy of their time. They were all tuning into the needs of their students.

I want to share the book The art of joyful education by Nitai Deranja. I remember him telling me never to kill a child’s enthusiasm because it comes from a sacred place inside the child.

For some reason I didn’t realize that their have been teachers trying to bring creativity and life into the classroom even before I was born–amazing. Here is a documentary I really enjoyed.  A Touch of Greatness, I loved the creativity and enthusiasm Albert Cullum brought to his students. Here is a quote, “We must remember how children learn rather than how we teach. Through movement, through emotions, through activities, through projects—all the basics fit in. And they’re learning without realizing they’re learning. Learning’s not painful, learning should be joyful.” You should watch the clip of the kids swimming “down the Mississipi River– on a huge piece of butcher paper–in their swimming trunks–on the playground.


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