Celebrating You!

Balarama (EFL teachrer) on Awards day

Let’s go back to the days when you went to school. Imagine yourself, as a child in your classroom. Now take look around to the other kids in your class. Who do you see?  I see Lisa—a girl who seemed to get in trouble for sleeping on her desk most every day. There is  Mike who really couldn’t concentrate and so he found interesting ways to entertains us. Then there were the “really smart kids” who, I assumed, were enjoying the teacher and the work.  I was somewhere in the middle, or better yet, I was a mixture of Lisa and Mike. Like Lisa I found another world to go to when I needed space– I daydreamed. And like Mike I was doing funny things, only I didn’t have the courage to do them in front of anyone. Now imagine that at the end of the year the teacher was going to stand up in front of the whole school (parents included) and say something positive about you and all the students in your class. Besides being embarrassed, it may have left me with a feeling of being “good at something” or “improving”?

This is exactly what happens at our schools. As a teacher at an Education for Life School we are asked to prepare for what we call the Awards Ceremony. It is our closing ceremony for the year. What I really love about it is that the teachers need to pay attention to the positive in each child in order to discover their unique gifts or areas of growth.

The very nature of preparing for the presentation impacts my outlook. Most times it turns out to be something like an attitude shift or a small act of kindness that I wouldn’t even notice if I wasn’t paying attention. You might be getting the picture that the ceremony itself helps the whole school community understand that there is something good in everyone.

Every teacher injects their personality into their presentations. So, I had a little fun with these:


Here is a girl with a hidden
treasure—deep inside herself
Long pearl necklaces of kindness
Glowing diamonds of truthfulness
The beautiful jewels of the heart
Many pieces gloriously displayed
Each one priceless and precious
This year we celebrate her
Ruby Ring of graciousness

In the land of many colors there
lives a girl who understands color and beauty
Harmony and balance
Life is her art:
She is beautiful.
She pours energy into
making life colorful
With silly moments and fun
She sees mistakes as her chance
to create something unique and wonderful


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